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Welcome to
Slava's Freedom Fitness

Coach Slava of Slava's Freedom Fitness will help you reach your fullest fitness potential. Your custom fitness program is built around your goals. As a fitness coach Slava helps with fitness problems - like injuries or upcoming events or competitions - using specialized plans he develops with Anna’s help. Anna brings her M.S. in Physical Therapy to the table to make Slava’s Freedom Fitness an unbeatable team working for you.

Slava's Story

Slava founded Slava’s Freedom Fitness in April 2011 after realizing there were not enough fitness professionals who truly cared about their client’s success and their journey to a stronger, happier, and healthier life.  


Slava made it his mission to make fitness fun, to make strength beautiful, and shift the mindset from “weight loss” to “healthy weight management.”  Slava never gives up on his clients and always gets them through to their success


Anna's Story

Anna is a co-owner @ Slava’s Freedom Fitness. Anna by trade is a Physical Therapist she spent 2006-2021 working in different settings as physical therapist helping patients recover from their injures and get them back on their feet.  


Anna, has always carried an interest in fitness and health, she has the passion to change people’s lives and guide them to their success.

Slava's Freedom Fitness gym

We have in-house professional gym with all necessary equipment that you need to work out. But Slava's Freedom Fitness it's not solely about our place, it's about a true freedom. We can bring our equipment to any location - your house or backyard, park or kids playground. We can meet up on Zoom or live. There are no excuses, there is only a wish!

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